Life Offers Many Challenges


Have you reached a point in your life or career that you step back evaluate and take a look at the future?

After working since high school I reached that point and took a 3 month sabbatical. Closing my 20+ year business and finding a dog sitter, I moved to Italy to test a plan for my new life. You can see the result at htt://

On this site I shall explore the endless observations of life ‘going forward’. For once I can decide how I choose to spend my time. What I wish to do every day and how to explore the new adventures that are possible.

So Now What Next may exalt small breakthroughs, complain about insensitive people but I hope it will instill a send of excitement about what can be accomplished in the next stage of life.

I live part time in the United States and try to travel as often as possible to research for my two blogs: HometoItaly and MatureSoloTravel

I spend most days reading, researching and writing about travel.

My weeks in Italy each year, allow me to view Italy from the perspective of an Italian American. Meeting locals in small towns or away from the tourist areas in cities is more rewarding than another visit to a monument.

Traveling solo for more than 30 years encouraged me to promote affordable travel, places to stay and my on going fear of ‘where to eat solo’.

I hope you will join me in this quest here or on my more established blogs. I look forward to your input.

Lee Laurno


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